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Contact Us today for a complimentary zero obligation private introductory posture analysis appointment! Appointments are available only on a pre-arranged and pre-paid basis (no walk-ins).  Packages are available as follows:


Individual "one on one"...


1    £ 125 
10  £ 1,150 (£115pp)
20  £ 2,100 (£105pp)
30  £ 3000 (£100pp)
Ideal for a couple, or with a friend...


1    £170 (£85pp)
10  £1600 (£80pp)
20  £3,000 (£75pp)
NB: Prices exclude VAT which will be applied to the selected package (standard UK VAT @ 20%). Unfortunately Pilates is not considered by HMRC to be VAT exempt fitness or health care activity. 

Wedding Courses

Looking to tone up before the big day and increase your stamina for your honeymoon?  We can design an 12-week (or more) course to ensure you have no wedding attire concerns and look your best for your partner and in all of the photo memories.

Athletic and Golf Conditioning Courses

Three months of bi-weekly sessions designed to improve your muscle control, core strength and stamina.  Experience material improvements in your lap times, golf swing, Waltz turns or tennis serve! The bespoke Pilates course will be designed to cater for your specific targets in your sport of choice - hockey, tennis, running, golf, basketball, professional or amateur, we will work on it!


Appointments at London W1 Pilates are by appointment only and may be undertaken on an individual one-on-one basis (Private) or in pairs (Semi-Private).  In certain circumstances we may consider Semi-Private appointments with a group of three.  Private appointments are entirely bespoke to you and will be catered for your individual requirements and are therefore recommended for clients with acute issues or who are seeking something specific from their sessions.

Appointments at London W1 Pilates include intensive and targeted STOTT PILATES® exercises using all specialist equipment, as well as other relevant methods, such as stretching, ultra-sound, fascia release, stretching, therapeutic movement and Kinesio® taping to address your specific issues.   


All Appointments are 50 minutes allowing for at least 10 minutes changing time between clients. Unfortunately, If you are 15 min or more late for your appointment, we will not be able to hold the session without refunds. 

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