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Pilates Studio in London

Client Testimonials


"I had lower back pain for almost a year, but somehow my health was only secondary in my life, work was more important and everybody around me had a little back pain. It seemed like a typical problem of our generation, who spend most of their time in front of a computer. Therefore, I did not attribute too much attention to it. Not until people started noticing that I am actually leaning to the left a little, and not even a little as I examined myself in the mirror. I knew it is time to act. That was the time when I met Albina, she came into my life at the right time. She was very accurate in examining me and telling exactly what could have happened in the past to cause me to lean to the left. She started working on me twice a week and after a few sessions I could already feel and see the difference. I am impatient and prefer to do cardio exercises over yoga and Pilates, but fortunately I gave a chance to Albina and rehab Pilates. She straightened my posture in just 2 months! I could not believe it!  I am still so grateful that I met her, she is not only a great and highly professional rehab Pilates teacher, but also very persistent, so she was able to convince me that I can do more than I believed I could. Working with her was a life-changing experience, I still do the exercises twice a week and I feel much better, the pain disappeared and I am a new person! Thank you Albina!"    

--- Evi N.---

"Albina brought me back to life. I had such a bad lower back that I couldn't get up in the morning from bed.  After 3 months my life changed!"  

 --- Nina L. ---

"Training with Albina was a really knowledgeable and beneficial experience.  My breathing technique improved and my form during exercises improved.  I was more aware of my strengths and areas I needed to work on, and noticed my body improving.  I also enjoyed her take charge attitude and the care she has for her clients.  I'd highly recommend Albina for individual or group training. I even brought a couple friends to train with her with positive results."      

--- Radha K.---

"I’m the first to admit having been sceptical about Pilates, however after taking my first session with Albina I realised what an incredible discipline it really is.  I fly a lot with work and was suffering from spinal issues.  I’d been to see a spinal surgeon and had all the various scans/tests done, some more unpleasant than others!  If I wanted to avoid painful surgery I was told my only option was to exercise regularly and that it should pass over time. I like my gym, golf and tennis but my body was still suffering so I tried Pilates.  It is truly amazing how quickly you see the benefits - an hour of focused exercise which flies by and all without profuse sweating.  I will say one thing though; you need a top instructor like Albina to see the real benefits and to avoid injury.  Don’t make that mistake!  Expensive?  Perhaps.  Worth every penny?  Absolutely.  If you don’t believe me, ask Tiger Woods, Andy Murray or Stallone!"

--- Arvi L.---

"When I went to see Albina for the first time my back was a mess but I didn't know why I had so much pain, after 1 minute with me she said my hips and shoulders were rotated and she was very clear explaining me what the problem was and what exercises will help me to feel better.  All I can say is that my life changed and I felt better and better after each Pilates class with her.  Now my posture has improved so much and I understand how important it is to breath properly and work on your core. Thanks Albina I already miss you!"

--- Pula T. M. ---

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